The commercial sector is characterized by the need to be close to end customer, resulting in a large number of locations in order to offer the best service. Banks, hotels, supermarkets, insurance companies, travel agencies, pharmacies, post offices, gas stations are clear examples.

Having energy information from many locations could difficult energy management. However, DEXCell Energy Manager has been designed with the necessary tools to solve this big-data projects. DEXCell EM helps you to control and manage thousands of points. The only thing you need is an internet browser.

With DEXCell EM is even possible to give access to multiple users on restricted to one or more locations, or globally to all facilities. That allows you to have multiple profiles with specific tasks and functions defined by project manager.

Day-to-day life of these companies is to make profit. This is why kPI’s such as customers per day, average ticket sales, etc. are very important. Of course DEXCell EM allows you to create indicators and to do benchmarking in an easy way to see how stores are performing by location, region or country.

Some of the special DEXCell Energy Manager features you can user to achieve savings in energy factors are:

  • Control and centralized management platform for all project information
  • Reduced costs for unification and centralization of information
  • Stores benchmarking
  • Know exactly where is energy being consumed and focus you investment
  • Custom ratios : consumption vs. number of customers, consumption vs. sales per customer…
  • Users access restriction to all project or just a few locations