The industrial sector is one in where each project particularities goes above global functionalities. DEXCell Energy Manager, In this case, with the ability to acquire information from any variable and any brand and model of meter -electricity, gas, water, temperature, production, …-, can provide global solutions and outstanding reviews in any process.

It is highlighted DEXCell EM flexibility on the industrial field,  and that is why this energy management system may be suitable for both validating costs and finds potential energy savings.

Industrial processes are very rigid in terms of energy consumption, -electricity, gas, steam, fuel- It is interesting to get informed about processing lines performance, benchmarking them and, if an Energy Efficiency measure has been implemented, quantify energy and cost savings.

Maintenance in industry is key, and being alerted and reported before damage occurs is heaven. With DEXCell EM pre-defined alerts and  e-mail automated reports, the whole system will work for you, reducing dramatically analysis time.

Some of the special DEXCell Energy Manager features you can user to achieve savings in energy factors are:

  • Costs Allocation
  • Energy cost discrimination by product / process / department
  • Overload detection and load penalty avoidance
  • Energy consumption analysis by sectors/lines/processes
  • Benchmarking different technologies
  • Quantifying energy savings
  • Electricity quality verification
  • Registration of any parameter of the process, including temperature, etc.