Particularities of the public administration are many, but shared between entities that encompasses. Here we find universities, hospitals, schools or government buildings.
They are characterized by the need to manage a large number of power supplies, mainly electrical. Also have disparity of consumption by type of buildings, suppliers variability and locations.
With DEXCell Energy Manager, you can centralize all of these critical factors ensuring economic savings in terms of required staff and a higher quality of management.
Our customers needs to manage hundreds of public lights supplies, consumption in traffic lights, public facilities, buildings citizen service … DEXCell EM data acquistion flexibility availables you to get data from fiscal meters or networks analyzers from many models of many bands, also including gas and water meters. In addition, the fact-specific, centralized tool for document management and bill validation are critical, essential and high added value for a quality service and low cost.
Based in DEXMA experience of a wide range of facilities monitored,  it was found that willingness of the leadership of such buildings and collaboration of department plant officials, have achieved savings of over 12% without this affecting the comfort of employees and / or users of the buildings themselves.
Some of the special DEXCell Energy Manager features you can user to achieve savings in energy factors are:
  • Go from a project overview to the deepest energy consumption
  • Benchmark and compare similar buildings by automated KPI’s
  • Benchmark between various comfort systems installed
  • Access from each of the buildings to their own information
  • Centralized information
  • Ratios per user in the common areas
  • Invoice validation