DexCell Energy Manager

DEXCell Energy Manager is an online software that helps manage and reduce energy consumption through continuous monitoring, analysis, alarming, reporting and awareness, compatible with all types of meters (electricity, heat, gas and water), probes (temp, hum,…) and / or BMS / SCADA exist.

Completely web-based, DEXCell Energy Manager enables real-time display of electricity consumption, either the total company and counter-consumption level electrical box. With the configuration of your electrical rates, DEXCell Energy Manager allows you to control the energy cost of installation immediately, detecting any oversights and new savings opportunities.

DEXCell Energy Manager lets you detect and correct poor energy management, while raising awareness to users. Through various profiles (technical, maintenance, manager,..), users access to all the information via the web.

DEXCell Energy Manager module can incorporate the Smart Engine, a set of advanced analysis capabilities that facilitate and accelerate the work of the energy manager (baselining, simulation rate,…).

Esquema de sistemas de conexion con DEXGate (pasarela de hardware)

DEXGate realiza la función de concentrar toda la información disponible de nuestra localización, haciéndola llegar al software de DEXCell Manager para que pueda procesarla y analizarla.


Utility bill tracking

Utility bill tracking is the first step in successful energy management.

Introduce both manually or automatically one or thousands of bills and validate it, being sure that what utility says is true. Then analyze your energy cost trend, normalize it with external variables and quantify savings.

Optimize your contracts and save money!

Reel-time monitoring & analytics

Discover how, when and who is consuming energy in real time!

Then use advanced analytics and automated tools to check out where are the inefficiencies and how to fix them.

Go from the big global project overview into the deepest appliance consumption in a second, do benchmarks, cost analysis, ROI’s, tariff optimization…



Ready to highlight data?

Dashboard allows you to remark your location’s key data in amazing widgets.

Not everyone wants to see same information, so we offer the possibility to make “role” dashboards for the CFO, Energy Manager, Maintenance staff… and share it for all your locations!


Forgot the HVAC on?

Schedule alerts to detect anomalies in energy consumption, comfort parameters, load excess, reactive penalty etc.

Notifications can be received at DEXCell platform, by e-mail or SMS to one or more users, such as maintenance staff.



Let’s make the software work for you.

Configure automated reports by selecting energy experts produced templates and be reported once a week, a month or whenever you want on the platform or directly to your e-mail.

Take your conclusions and assess the customer.

Hardware interoperability

Our philosophy is to be hardware neutral.

Now you will be able to plug-and-play with most of the hardware vendors devices available into your market.