Our quality and offer

In inBooEnergia, our philosophy is focused on energy saving.

Furthermore, valuing the need to guarantee always the best service, our national brands have been selected for their quality, price and design.

DEXCell Energy Manager is an all-round solution that offers interoperability between devices of various manufacturers and use different protocols to communicate: Modbus, Zigbee, MBus, Pulsos…, and scalable, being able to manage from a few points to millions, in multiple locations.The Software as a Service (SaaS) model allows our clients to highly focus on their business and save energy. DEXMAis responsible for data collection, data storage, software application and ongoing updates in the form of new features.Dexma´s ”online” software enables to obtain savings between 5% and 25% of the annual bill through the electricity and water consumption ongoing monitoring and its subsequent analysis by a professional energy manager, through a scorecard, reports, metrical alarms and recommendations.


GESINNE©, is a unique and groundbreaking product, manufactured in Europe and specially designed to save on electricity consumption.

Suitable for all types of installations:

Domestic sector

Industrial sector

Hospitality sector

Commercial sector


We obtain savings between 10% and 17%!