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During the beginning of the 20th century’s last quarter the user’s main goal was the electric service’s continuation and not suffering voltage fluctuations. Fortunately these conditions have improved in the vast majority of countries thanks to the developing of the electric companies’ infrastructures.

Nowadays, the complex availability of energy resources and the environmental delicate situation have taken, unfortunately, centre stage.

No doubt the energy quality and its rational and effective usage are the definite elements when raising company competitiveness. Furthermore, the reduction of the ecologic cost goal linked to economic growth, are key actions to bear in mind to be able to ensure the future of Humanity and the Planet.

¿How do we work?

InbooEnergia integrates all that is necessary for our clients to obtain energy savings in their electricity consumption.

To achieve this, our qualified staff will recommend the optimal composition of the electric system, similarly, once the composition has been established and accepted, we will proceed to install and amend the installation when necessary.

Our client will be in permanent contact with us so we can monitor and maintain the installations and equipment.


Teléfono: 91 675 21 25
Fax: 91 676 30 39
Correo electrónico: info@inboo.es

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